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Keynote Remarks by Eugenio L. Lopez III, Chairman of ABS-CBN Corporation
August 30, 2013

7th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City

 The summit organizers, delegates, guests and friends, good morning.

 Less than a decade ago, the IMMAP did not exist. Today, it is hard to imagine a communication industry without an organization like IMMAP. Internet and mobile marketing are not just ripples in the total communication industry…they’re the new wave. 

I was newly born when the television-centered era began. Today, I’m still young enough to witness the dawning of the digital new age of Philippine communications.

So, thank you for inviting me here today. Obviously I am not a digital native like the most of you. I don’t even have a Twitter account. I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing Twitter correctly. But for now, you may follow this guy who pretends to be me. He has a twitter account so maybe he has better insights.

My friends in IMMAP, I look forward to the successes that you will achieve and the changes you will effect. The creation of the IMMAP is one of the signs that things will never be the same again. Many things will not be the same again. Your gadgets, the internet speeds, the provider products and services may not be the same again. Our habits in consuming media may not be the same again. The way we learn about products and how we buy them will undergo significant transformations. The hottest technology today may be obsolete tomorrow. 

But there’s one thing that is sure not to change overnight. Human nature. Our need to love and be loved. To preserve our lives and to protect our family. To learn and leave a legacy. To celebrate triumph and to rise from defeat. To expand our horizons, imagine a better world and actualize our potentials.

These are instincts that mankind has kept since time immemorial. These are instincts that make us want to read literature, to experience drama, to know the news, to sing a song. What I’m trying to say is that at the heart of it, it is content that fuels the wheels of technology in the digital age.

We believe it is the need for romantic thrill and the affirmation of family values that drive the high viewership of Be Careful With My Heart on iwanTV. IwanTV gives the viewer more control over their lives. it’s TV viewing whenever you want, wherever you want, and whatever device suits your fancy. I want TV has already reached a monthly peak of 42 million page views.

IwanTV’s success encouraged us to expand its service. More than a catch-up facility, it is now possible to enjoy linear viewing of both local and foreign channels.

Working in a foreign country creates a deep longing for family and home. It is the need for such emotional comfort that make OFWs in Singapore access ABS-CBN content through Starhub TV on Mobile. For only 1 Singapore dollar the whole day. Now, Filipinos elsewhere in the world can also experience Filipino entertainment through TFC.TV , which is our global version of iWantV.

It is the instinctive need to protect the family that makes people go to our news website or access TV Patrol on mobile. It was also concern for the future of the family that made several thousands of Filipino voters download the election app that we created in partnership with the Comelec.

For whatever emotional or intellectual need, people search content on Youtube , the world’s second biggest search engine next to Google. Youtube attracts about one billion uniques per month. The number keeps growing and the viewers keep multiplyingbecause there is more and more content that people really want. We are encouraged by the fact that on Youtube, ABS-CBN is the Filipino entity that has accumulated the biggest number of views.

We are grateful to the people who provide internet service, those who provide mobile services, the internet and mobile marketing practitioners and our advertisers.

You all help ABS-CBN reach more people. By more people, we don’t mean just the affluent and the tech-savvy. With “more people”, we don’t mean just the affluent and the tech savvy.

Good content will bridge the digital divide.

Imagine FPJ and Mars Ravelo on your mobile. Imagine Vice Ganda and Daniel Padilla, not just entertaining people but actually updating them on the latest showbiz events. Just a few examples of Kapamilya mobile content that will connect with the popular market .

A few years ago, we thought at ABS-CBN that the digital conduit was not the way for us to reach our core market. We are now revising that belief. Our Research has confirmed that parents from lower income homes are now buying components one by one to be able to set up their own computers at home. They are also investing on smartphones and tablets which are now available at affordable prices from the malls…that also offer free wi-fi.

Again, with the popular following of ABS-CBN on iwanTV and Youtube, we are confident that the internet market will cease to be a niche when content creates value for all these technologies.

And with content, we don’t just mean the same stuff you see on tv.

Content for the digital space will come in new forms. Online content will adjust to the new habits of consuming media which is characterized by time-shifting, place-shifting and sometimes, social viewing.

New content may be shorter and sweeter webisodes or they may be full seasons available in one download. They can be behind-the-scene clips or collections of highlights. They can be alternative stories or revealing inside stories. The viewer can choose the camera angle, the cast, or the ending. The viewer will interact. Alone or with other people. They can be anything that we have not yet imagined.

There will be a lot of them because they may be cheaper to produce. Or they may be produced by the viewers themselves through crowd-sourcing, and projects can be crowd-funded. Or viewers may partner with networks.

In 2011, Youtube announced that it will fund 100 new original channels from celebrities, online video creators and even Hollywood studios. The project is a continuing success. According to a Fortune Magazine report, several of these new Youtube channels now have bigger audiences than many midsize cable channels. What Youtube is doing for the rest of the world, ABS-CBN would like to do for the IMMAP members in the Philippines. If you have an idea, let’s collaborate.

This is exactly how: send us your content ideas that you think will work on the digital space. We will choose five or more. The chosen ones will be funded by us. We will put them on the appropriate ABS-CBN online platform. We will promote them aggressively. And like what they do in Youtube, we will go into a revenue-sharing partnership. If the idea flies in the online space, we can look at migrating them or recreating them in the analog broadcast market.

Any idea.

Let me give you one specific topic that we’re looking at: for our new Primetime hit Got To Believe, we want new ideas that we can produce into webisodes. Now this is one specific idea, but we are open to any idea you may have. Start writing your idea now. Email it with your proof of concept before the end of the year. Send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Don’t tweet it to the guy who pretends to be me. And like what they say in promos : the more ideas you send, the more chances of winning.

Today, all the online properties of ABS-CBN approximate over a hundred million views per month. But we want to continue growing this. And to grow it, we need to enrich it with various compelling content. We need ideas. IMMAP ideas. Our feeling is that the digital era is really the great equalizer. You are at par with any studio, any network, any movie company. You only need passion and your idea. And if it works, we can go from there.

The digital era is not just an equalizer for you. It is also an equalizer for us. It’s not the guys that have the most money, or the companies that have all the little letters that go after their name. I think it’s passion that will drive the new digital era. So we want your ideas and we’re willing to work with you.

If you want to move up the corporate ladder, this is not who we are. We are the guys that if you have an idea that defines why you are in this planet, we want to hear it. So let us explore these new possibilities together.

The rules are yet to be written so we will write them together, in the way that we want them to best address our needs, and more importantly, the interests of the Filipino people that we serve.

Many things will not be the same again, but in the digital age, technologies will continue to change our habits. 

But only compelling content can satisfy the unchanging human instinct.

Thank you.

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