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President Robert Baldago and PACE Board of Trustees, Fr. Tamerlane Lana, faculty members, delegates and guests, good morning.

The people running the media organizations today were once just like you. Although it’s obvious that all of us were once students, what I’m trying to say is that many of you here today may be producing tomorrow’s news programs and entertainment shows. You may be calling the shots sooner than you imagine.

One of you can be a Charo Santos of ABS-CBN, a Jessica Soho of GMA 7 or a Bobby Barreiro of TV5.

When I was young and my father Eugenio Lopez Jr was already running ABS-CBN, I saw him being consumed by his passion. He worked day and night, weekends and holidays, but never complained. So, I thought to myself, he must be doing something that he really liked and enjoyed.

As soon as I joined ABS-CBN, I learned that media people truly liked what they’re doing despite all the stress, all the hardship, even all the frustrations and the dangers. Yes, it’s common to hear them say “nakakapagod, nakakaiyak, ayoko na talaga!” But in truth, gustung-gusto pa nila and they will never give up.

Accomplished people say that the secret of success in career is doing something that you really love to do even for free. And I know that most people who choose to have a profession in media really choose it because they like it, not because their parents want them to do it or the pay is good.

More than the thrill of seeing your creation on tv, of knowing that your message reaches millions of people, it’s how you help change lives that give meaning to your work.

At ABS-CBN, we find meaning in making shows that inspire the Filipino through shows that reflect their values, that affirm their self-worth and recognize their strengths.

The fulfillment that you experience by doing something that has a positive impact on the lives of people is a more lasting reward than the glamour and the pay.

So, I hope that all of you who want to work in media have a genuine concern for people. I hope that you have an authentic desire to give happiness to a mother who washes laundry for a living, to soothe the loneliness of a father working in far and strange land, to give hope to young people who can’t afford school, to help give a fresh start to victims of calamities.

To millions of Filipinos out there, the media are their source of inspiration and empowerment. They also look at media as the institution that will stand up for their welfare when all else fails.

We live in a country that has been waiting for so long for prosperity, peace and pride. It cannot be achieved by the President alone, not even all the Senators and the Congressmen and all elected officials. True and lasting change can only happen if we, all citizens of this country, can become the change that we want to see, as Mahatma Gandhi said.

The media, through the communication of the right values, through advocacies, through fair and honest information, can play a big role in making change happen.

To make the Philippines a better place, there’s still a lot of work to be done. And such work is waiting for you, young people who wish to work in media.

In this Media Congress, you will listen to people who run the media today. You can ask questions. Hopefully, you will like the answers that they give. If not, we will also learn from the comments that you will share.

Hopefully, you will appreciate the work that we do today. If not, you will agree that there’s still a lot of work to be done, and that you can definitely contribute to making things better.

So, young delegates and hope of this country, we welcome you to the Pinoy Media Congress, and soon, we will welcome you to the media industry.

Thank you.

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