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The official monthly newsletter of the Lopez Group of Companies.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the Newsletters. Click here to download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the Newsletters. Click here to download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Lopezlink-Dec2007 December 2007 First Gen wins geothermal energy bid  First Gen Corporation steamrolls its way into geothermal energy with its decisive acquisition of the government's 60% -stake in Philippine National Oil Company Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC) during the public bidding held on November 21, 2007 in Makati City.
Lopezlink-Nov2007 November 2007 EMVI: New kid on the fiber optic block Martin "Mark" Lopez of eMeralco Ventures Inc. (EMVI) Throws out mysterious-sounding words such as SDH, Ethernet and STM in the conversation, which make a dapper exective sound like a nerd or worse, a spy. Pressed for "layman's terms" for what the young company he heads really does, he laughingly comes up with a killer: "[In terms of water]... We install the pipes and let other people resell the water."
Lopezlink-Oct2007 October 2007 FSCI: Making waves wih Six Sigma First Sumiden Circuits Inc. (FSCI) figures in the life of just every Filipino with a cellphone, a personal digital assistant, camera, CD player, printer, fax machine, and the like - although they probably don't realize it.
Lopezlink-Sept2007 September 2007 Saving La Mesa The waters of La Mesa Watershed are churning once again with the return to the spotlight of a 1968 agreement between Metropolitan Water District and its employees that saw 58 hectares of the watershed being parceled off for a housing project.
August 2007 Bayad Center ventures into franchising  Bills and other forms of payment may be inescapable, but consumers can take comfort in the fact that paying them has ceased to be the major production that it used to be 20 years ago.
Lopezlink-Jul2007 July 2007 The HR Council: CEOs partner in nurturing people, growing the business  Continuing education in the form of seminars and learning sessions. Leveraging employee numbers to achieve cost efficiencies like consolidating benefits to realize savings for different companies. Mobilizing employees for activities like a group-wide sports fest to foster group unity. Visit their website.
Lopezlink-Jun2007 June 2007 Bayan Foundation: Helping build the nation from below  In a town in La Union, it was reported that fewer people knocked on the doors of Bauang Private Power Corp. (BPPC) to ask for donations. Sari-sari stores started sprouting, and residents engaged other in a friendly competition to come up with the best processed meat and fish products. Most surprising of all, local moneylenders lowered the interest they charged residents to 10% from the customary 20%.
Lopezlink-May2007 May 2007 Election The May 14 midterm election is not just about TEAM Unity vs. the Genuine Opposition, nor even about who the legitimate president is. Instead, observers say, our capability to catch up with our neighbors in the ASEAN region hinges on how credible the outcome of this election would be.
Lopezlink-Apr2007 April 2007 Star Maker Wondering how to strike a happy balance between harried mothers on one hand and hyperactive kids on the other this summer? Why not give Mom a break and entrust the little darlings for a few weeks to the ABS-CBN Center for the Communications Arts Inc.(CCAI), or more popularly known as WORKSHOPS@ABS-CBN.
Lopezlink-Mar2007 March 2007 Taking Stock  With the economy on the upturn and the flurry of corporate activity in the las few months, one could say that now would be an auspicious time to meet a 15-year-old that could get you in on all the action.
Lopezlink-Feb2007 February 2007 Have you had some CPI today?  If you had tuned in to "Good Finds" on the Lifestyle Channel, Backtrax on Myx, the newest "in" Japanese animation on Hero TV or a Cinema One classic movie, then yes, you have had your CPI fix.




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