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Pursuant to its Code of Conduct, Lopez Holdings treats its creditors as partners. The company fosters relationships with them based on mutual trust, good faith and professionalism. Lopez Holdings values the contribution that creditors give to growth and development, and respects their rights.

In 2011, a tender offer for unrestructured debt allowed Lopez Holdings to purchase at full face value an aggregate principal amount of US$ 13.966 million of the Eurobonds (approximately 71% of the outstanding Eurobonds), and P785.3 million of LTCPs (approximately 90% of LTCPs).

In 2012, Lopez Holdings bought back the remaining Eurobonds amounting to US$5.0 million, and more than P1.0 million worth of LTCPs, both at full face value. In 2015, it purchased P40 million LTCPs at face value of the principal amount.

In 2015, the company redeemed US$13.1 million worth of  outstanding Restructured Notes pursuant to the terms of the Notes Issuance Agreement. In addition, all outstanding 4.2% Perpetual Convertible Bonds (130 units) were redeemed at 100% of the principal outstanding amount of US$193,700.

In 2016, Lopez Holdings Corporation redeemed US$5.0 million worth of outstanding Restructured Notes pursuant to the terms of the Notes Issuance Agreement. Also, all outstanding LTCPs with face value of P26 million were redeemed at par.

As of the end of 2016, outstanding direct obligations stood at US$5.0 million in Restructured Notes, and these were fully paid in 2017.

As of the end of 2017, the Corporation had no direct obligations.

This information is also available on Lopez Holdings’ debt restructuring page under Investor Relations, Debt Restructuring Update.

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