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New technology: Sky, Yes Television seal pact on VOD
"Imagine being able to watch your favorite movies or television programs whenever it suits you. Imagine being able to fast forward, pause or rewind without having to go to the video store. Imagine catching up on your e-mail from the comfort of your armchair, or ordering a pizza through your television."

Imagine no more because Yes Television of the U.K. is bringing the technology that makes this possible to the Philippines through Yes-Sky Interactive Corporation, a new joint venture with Sky Vision Corporation. Yes-Sky Interactive Corporation will offer video on demand (VOD) and interactive TV nationwide. A trial is scheduled to begin in certain areas of Metro Manila in the fourth quarter of this year, followed by a commercial service in 2001.

True VOD, as offered by Yes Television, enables viewers to select and watch a movie in an instant and then watch it at any convenient time. Viewers can also pause, rewind or fast forward the movie in the same way as a video tape, and watch it as many times as they like within a 24-hour rental period. Since Yes Television's VOD is based on Internet technology, the JV company will be able to integrate VOD with any other Internet-on-TV based services which Sky Cable may offer in the future.

Yes-Sky Interactive Corporation is expected to offer access to hundreds of top movies, music videos, a wide range of children's programmes, travel services, sports features and television comedies and dramas. Meanwhile, interactive TV will deliver text information, such as weather updates and sports scores, on demand.

Sky Vision Corporation and Yes Television and will invest approximately $US100m/P4.5bn over the next 10 years to fund the new service.

Yes Television chairman Thomas Kressner said: "The agreement to create Yes-Sky Interactive Corporation, combined with our recent success in winning a pay TV license in Hong Kong, demonstrates our belief that Asian media markets are among the most advanced in the world. Asian deployments are key our strategy because our success here demonstrates our ability to compete effectively on a global scale and on different platforms."

Eugenio Lopez III, chairman of Sky Vision Corporation, commented: "We have already set aside P600 million for the network upgrade that has allowed us to offer our well-received ZPDee Cable Internet service. I am delighted to join forces with Yes Television, the world leader in VOD based on Internet technology, to create Asia's first VOD service on a cable network. The deal means that our customers will be able to take full control of their television viewing for the first time."


Toby Ayre, Consultant: +632 922-0052 Boo Chanco, Benpres Holdings Group Public Relations: +632 633-3520

Randall Cox, President, Yes Television Asia: +852 2289-0500 Steve Garvey, Director of Communications (London): +44 (0)207 462 5622


About Sky Vision Corporation

Sky Vision Corporation was incorporated on March 25, 1991 and started commercial operations on February 1, 1992. Sky provides cable television services in Metro Manila using the trade name SkyCable, and in other parts of the country such as Cebu, Iloilo, Baguio, General Santos, Tagum, Naga, Cavite, Ilocos Region, Pangasinan and Bulacan through its various cable operator subsidiaries.

Sky offers over 70 channels covering a wide array of quality programs including local TV, movie, music, news, sports, and various other fare from more than 40 countries. Apart from delivering basic cable services, Sky also provides cable programs to cable operators outside its franchise areas. It offers a pay-per-view system in various hotels and residences in Metro Manila and distributes English language films through Sky Jemah. It also offers Internet services through Sky Internet, retail services through SkyMall and credit card services through SkyCard-Citibank Mastercard.

Sky has repeatedly proven itself to be an innovator in cable programming and services. In early 2000, Sky launched ZPDee Cable Internet, providing the fastest broadband Internet service in the country. Sky and sister company BayanTel functionally converged in March 2000 to form the Integrated Broadband Services (IBS) group. IBS leads the Lopez Group's initiative in communications convergence, with content provided by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.

About Yes Television

Yes Television is a broadband Internet television portal which delivers high quality video content to consumers' televisions over digital telecommunications and cable networks. Yes Television offers true on demand services, including movies on demand, which are available at any time without a fixed broadcast schedule. On demand offers the viewer the functions normally associated with a VCR ? such as pause, stop, play, fast forward and rewind. Services are being expanded to create Total Television, which will combine on demand with broadcast television, enhanced TV Internet and TV e-mail, all within a single browser.

Yes Television believes its VOD service is the first to operate over DSL telephony and cable networks, the first to be deployed commercially at 4 Mbps and the first to deliver commercial VOD in Europe. The company is based in the UK, with a regional head office in Hong Kong and other offices in the USA and Ireland. Yes Television's services are already operational in the UK and Ireland and new deployments are under way in Hong Kong, France, Norway and Iceland.

Hundreds of top movies are available on Yes Television in the UK and Ireland, supplied by Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Buena Vista International Television. Viewers can also choose from a range of children's programmes, music videos, travel services, sports features and television comedies and dramas.

Because it is based in Internet technology, Yes Television can combine VOD with Internet access and e-mail to the TV. The company is also preparing to offer multichannel broadcast television as one of its services, which will all be blended together via a single easy to use interface.


Yes Television's service is true video on demand, which means that viewers can watch what they want, when they want. This is not the same thing as near video on demand (NVOD), in which the same movie or programme starts at regular intervals across a number of broadcast channels. True VOD gives viewers real time interactivity and complete control over their viewing.

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