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A New Age of Travel In The Philippines

LAKBAY.NET ushers a new age of travel in the country. As an e-commerce infrastructure for Philippine travel and tourism, LAKBAY.NET aims to provide travelers with more ease and convenience.

It is a virtual travel mall that serves as the venue for a whole range of travel information, such as the latest travel and tourism events, hotel promotions, travel packages, promo tours, travel tips and more. A whole range of internet-based travel services that include reservation facilities for hotels and resorts, airport coupon taxis and rent-a-car, tickets for airlines, shipping lines, fast ferries and buses are also provided. On top of this, it allows you to book your travel reservations directly from your web browser.

LAKBAY.NET has four components that serve as the convergent framework for the entire network:

LAKBAY TV --“ A dedicated travel channel that features Philippine sites, events, adventures and important travel information. This component is a great help to travelers who want to know more about a chosen destination even before arriving there. It features interesting programs such as My Town, which takes viewers on a tour of a place; Travel on a Budget, a comprehensive guide on rides and routes, places to eat spend the night, as well as sidelights and souvenir shops for the budget conscious; Planet Pinoy, which features fiestas and festivals, a calendar of cultural shows, exhibits, and other events; Snapshots, In & Out, On the Road, Food Trips, Green Guide, Bed & Dine, Currency Check, Special Tours and others.

LAKBAY TV broadcasts via satellite Philippine-wide as well as to 25 countries.

LAKBAY INTERACTIVE --“ The online Philippine travel planner and destination guide that offers current and up-to-date information on exciting and beautiful getaway destinations around the Philippines, travel and tourism events, community news, history and culture, trips and travel packages, promo tours and a lot more.

LAKBAY RESERVATIONS --“ An e-mail based reservation system that allows travelers to book accommodations (hotels, inns, resorts) and make reservations for transportation (airlines, ships, ferries, buses, taxis, rent-a-car) in just about any place in the country at a click of the mouse

LAKBAY PAY --“ A payment settlement program that is a very convenient and efficient way to pay for your travel reservations. This system allows you to pay over the counter at a bank that has 107 branches nationwide. You can also pay online via credit card (MasterCard, Visa, JCB). Apart from these, travelers will constantly be treated to a wide range of travel options such as exciting value deals and promos that meet a certain budget.

LAKBAY.NET offers endless opportunities and options for the traveler and is continuously creating avenues for community-building, improving services via easy to use online facilities, and adding updates, significant and comprehensive travel information

Another unique feature of LAKBAY.NET is the Philippine Travel Information Service (PTIS). This is a project for Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Gemma Cruz Araneta that aims to provide information on the country's 16 regions, 74 provinces, 83 cities and 1,525 municipalities. It fulfills the vision of Sec. Araneta to connect the whole Philippine archipelago to the cyber world. 

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