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Lopez Holdings Corporation supports fairness, accountability and transparency in the operations of the markets for securities in the Philippines.

Its Investor Relations Program endeavors to be responsive to the needs of the investing public and other stakeholders. This program enlists a committed, multi-disciplinary pool of professionals to ensure the prompt disclosure of all material information and the equally prompt response to all investor and stakeholder queries.

Feedback is secured through surveys at its annual general meetings and through its interactive website, where readers may engage with the company by emailing directly or by registering for the mailing list. The mailing list receives regular updates on the company and its associates as they are posted on the website.

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              Material provided in briefing to analysts and media on May 28, 2015 (252.44 kB)             
              Material provided in briefing to analysts and media on June 16, 2014 (242 kB)
              Material provided in briefing to analysts and media on May 30, 2013 (653.03 kB)


Financial Highlights for the year ended December 31 (Audited)

          2015 2014 2013
Basic       1.3496 0.8188 0.4237
Diluted       1.3418 0.8186 0.4271
CONSOLIDATED REVENUES 96,510 99,191 92,953
CONSOLIDATED NET INCOME 16,126 15,760 7,459
Attributable to:          
  Equity Holders of the Parent Company 6,191 3,760 1,943
  Minority Interest     9,935 12,000 5,516
TOTAL CONSOLIDATED ASSETS 358,584 338,724 305,942
TOTAL EQUITY     144,169 129,567 116,689
MARKET VALUE            
  Per share       6.70 6.70 4.00  
  Total Value** 30,797 30,725 18,343  
* attributable to equity holders of Parent Company    
** based on average shares outstanding    

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Lopez Holdings Corporation (formerly Benpres Holdings Corporation)
4/F Benpres Building, Exchange Road, 1605 Pasig City, Philippines

  • Trunkline: (632) 449-2345
  • Fax: (632) 634-3009