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As reflected in its Code of Conduct, Lopez Holdings considers its employees as its most important resource.  The Company is committed to fostering a work environment in which employees are treated with respect and dignity.

Lopez Holdings strives to provide its employees opportunities for professional advancement, care for their professional needs and the enhancement of the quality of life of their families.  It is committed to finding effective ways to foster professionalism, teamwork and employee participation to attain higher levels of productivity and quality.

The Company hires employees based on merit, qualifications, competencies, and potential. Employees are motivated and trained to achieve the highest level of efficiency and competence.  Responsibility as good corporate citizens and members of society is impressed upon employees.

Lopez Holdings presently has 14 regular employees.

Training and Development

Lopez Holdings is committed to continuous learning. It has an established process for identifying the learning and development needs of employees at every level. It provides resources for necessary and appropriate learning solutions, consistent with corporate goals. The corporate learning and development plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis. The plan includes leadership, behavioral and technical skills trainings.

The company aims to have each employee undergo at least three training man-days per year. Employees underwent an average of 2.76 training man-days in 2016, 3.56 training man-days in 2015, and 5.35 training man-days in 2014.

Employee Wellness and Safety

Lopez Holdings treats employees as partners in the success of the company. Their health and well-being are of prime importance in sustaining productivity and company growth. Health benefits, including a generous hospitalization plan, constitute a significant component of the company’s employment package. Regular employees undergo annual medical examinations and flu vaccinations, as well as seminars on physical, emotional, financial and spiritual wellness. The company also enrolled them in an emergency assistance program provided by a third party. It co-sponsored a Walk-the-Talk activity and encouraged a sustainable lifestyle for employees.

The rate of absences on account of sickness has been almost nil in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Employee safety is also important to the company. The company ensures that employees are regularly trained in maintaining safety in the workplace and in preparing for and dealing with emergencies. They undergo building exit drills at least once a year. An ESH (environment, safety and health) committee leads the enforcement of emergency protocols and provides regular ESH updates. To-date, the company has had no incidents of injuries in the workplace.

Employee Welfare

It is the policy of the company to look after the general welfare of its employees. The company provides a wide range of benefits to meet employee needs, including life insurance; health care and other medical benefits that extend to immediate family members; vacation and sick leave entitlement; rest and recreation programs; and financial assistance in the form of loan facilities. The company completed its Employee Stock Purchase Plan and Employee Stock Option Plan in 2016.

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