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Quality Management

In 2003, Lopez Holdings was certified against the standards of the International Organization for Standardization or ISO 9001:2000 for the provision of management services in Finance and Accounting, Public Relations, and Human Resources as a holding company. In 2006, Lopez Holdings was re-certified for the provision of the same management services, and added Legal Services to the audited processes in its quality management system. In 2009, Lopez Holdings was again certified compliant with the updated ISO 9001:2008 standard. It was re-certified to the same standard in 2012 and 2015.

As part of continuing compliance with its ISO-certified quality management system, the company adopted the following Quality Policy:

Lopez Holdings exists to lead in quality management practices and adheres to good corporate governance in the conduct of all business.

We shall innovate and continually pursue improvements in all our services and processes to achieve business excellence.


To improve the value of Lopez Holdings to stockholders and creditors.

Improve the balance sheet / reduce debt

Stock price / move with market

  • Company sold equity held by Bayan Telecommunications Holdings Corporation in Bayan Telecommunications, Inc., allowing it to halve debt levels.
  • Bought more common shares of FPH. 
  • LPZ stock price slid by 1.5% year-on-year, outperforming PSEi which eased by 3.8%

To continue risk mitigation, including organization and mobilization of resources for disaster/emergency response.

Participation in risk management process / 100%

  • Investee FPH risk management group updated the Lopez Holdings Risk Management Committee on the FPH Group’s top risks.
  • All employees assessed and managed their own process risks, within the purview of line/functional managers who intervened proactively or upon escalation.
  • All employees attended a First Aid/Basic Life Support seminar conducted by Pilipinas 911 (July 28) and participated in the metro-wide earthquake drill (July 30)
To ensure timely compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements

Timeliness / no penalties
Accuracy / no errors

  • All regulatory requirements were filed and complied with in a timely manner.
  • Tax dues were remitted/paid within deadline, including but not limited to the 1604-CF/1604-E (annual alpha list of suppliers/creditors/ employees) and PSE listing fee for 2015.
To provide corporate services that adhere to quality management systems and other standards e.g. ISO, IiP.

Internal audit / corrective and preventive action

Maintain certifications / pass external audits


  • Non-conformances duly closed under internal audit program.
  • Company was re-certified to ISO 9001:2008 in July 2015.
To continue employee behavioral and competency development for at least three training man-days.

Duration of training / three training man-days

  • 2014 Training Plan and evaluation of previous year’s training activities were finalized when the Performance Appraisal process was completed.2015 Training Plan and evaluation of previous year’s training  activities were finalized when the Performance Appraisal process  was completed.
  • Staff members and officers participated in a total of 21 types of
    training seminars/workshops consistent with approved Training Plan, averaging 3.56 training man-days per individual.
To embed the practice of the Lopez Credo and Values in the workplace

Donation / CSR budget

  • *Company supported Lopez Group Foundation and its member foundations engaged in education, disaster relief and rehabilitation, and arts and culture through subsidies.

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